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KD series Van Refrigeration Unit is designed for Reefer Van to keep frozen ( -20 ~ +30 ℃), units could meet the needs of van truck bodies volume range from 5 ~ 12cubic meters. (aka, bodies length from 1.5 ~ 3meters)
1 ) Streamline modeling with Ultrathin in shape, which looks beautiful and generous, along with good characters of anti-corrosion, weather resistance, UV proof and anti-aging.
2 ) Unit has advantages of reasonable and compact structure. Adopting world class spare parts to make sure Big Cooling Capacity & Reliable Performance. Danfoss expansion valve, sight glass etc.   
3 ) Unit has high\low voltage system, anti-frosting on evaporator and interlock & automatic fault alarm system for excessive\low current, overload\over current, short circuit, etc. We especially refine our fire prevention requirement in every detail section of Units system, which bring our product with more safety and reliability.
4 ) Automatic control system for digital display, automatic temperature control, automatic fault diagnosis, reliable control and easy to repair and maintenance.
No.ModelApplication  (  -20 ~ +30 ℃)Compressor displacement
Volume of Body
(m3)Approx Body length
(mm)Evaporator Air Flow
1KD 1805-81.5-28723930*470*24012740*560*160750
2KD 2808-122-310825930*470*240 (front type)
1000*820*240(rooftop type)15910*560*1601500cargo van refrigeration unit manufacturers
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