aluminium melting process

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Our History
In 2011, Luyuan Aluminum Equipment Co.,Ltd was established , It specializing in the production of aluminum sandblasting machine,automatical finish profile saw, puller, Technical strength and market competitiveness of products are still in the domestic leading position.
In 2013, Foshan LanHai Environmental Protection Equipment Technology Co., Ltd was found, As  member of Guangdong Province Environmental Protection Association. It specializes in control of industrial waste gases and dust pollution in project construction. Research and development of products are various types of high voltage electrostatic precipitator and dust elimination equipment, aluminum debris melting furnace, residual heat rotary dryers, aluminum scrap conveyor belt.
In 2014,Foshan sanshui Jin Jianli products co., Ltd., was established, specializing in the production of aluminum silicon alloy ingot.
In 2015, Guangxi Lvzhiyuan Metal New Material Co., Ltd., was established, It specializing in the production of ceramic foam filtration board.
Our Factory
We have four plant for production, First plant is located in Foshan City Guangdong Province China, It specialize Aluminium dross processing machine and Refining Agent for molten aluminium, Second plant and Third plant are also located in Foshan, To produce Automatic aluminium billet cutting saw and Electrostatic Precipitator, Our fourth plant is located in Guangxi Province China, It covers an area of 80,000 square meters, and hire the most advanced production line for producing Ceramic Foam Filter.
Our Product
Foshan Nanhai Luyuan Metal Materials Co., Ltd. Was established in 2005, located in nanhai district, foshan city, guangdong province, specializing in the production of aluminum (zinc) dross separator, automatic aluminum dross recycling line, casting equipment, supplementary materials and additive elements.
Product Application
For Aluminum dross recycling, Molten aluminium filtration and refining, Waste gas treatment
Our Certificate
ISO9001, Invention patent of Aluminum Dross Processing machine
Production Equipment
Advanced Ceramic Foam Filter production line
Production Market
We have more than 400 happy customer in domestic, and our products were exported to overseas, such us Vietnam, Malaysia, Indonesia, Iran, Indonesia Etc.
Our service
We provide 24 hours by 365 days free consulting service
We offered plant design and pre survey for our interested customer
We provide a prompt delivery for consumable items and Engineer available in overseas servicealuminium melting process
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