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Walmart introduced the Scan & Go program in select stores since 2012,which allows customers to scan the products with their smartphones and pay by scanning a barcode for their total purchase and pay for their goods.
Scan & Go can work perfectly with self checkout counters/kiosk, CCL Tech Self checkout solution helps retailers solve for increasing labor costs and provides multiple checkout opportunities, empowering Self Checkout Counter reduced wait times, and a simplified checkout process.

Stored value cards, cash, bank cards, mobile payment supports all platforms, no need to set up special channels to divert customers Simple and intuitive operation
The whole voice intelligent guidance, the indicator light flashes the guide, the swiping ATM type, the scanning and settlement completed in one go, convenient usage, and simple operation.

Intelligent loss prevention
The electronic weighing loss bagging station accurately senses the weight of the product and is multi-checked to effectively prevent damage.

Flexible installation method, suitable for consumer movement
The bagging table can be interchanged left and right, adapting to different export directions, different placement positions of the equipment, and better guiding consumers to self-checkout scanning and settlement through the division.
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What are my payment options?
We currently accept payment via Visa, MasterCard, UnionPay. And as we locate in China, we also accept facial pay and code scan pay via Alipay, WeChat pay, JD pay which are very popular around China small or major business.

How much does it cost?
Our prices are calculated based on the size and requests on different modules, and every plan comes with a different price.
Questions about pricing or not sure which plan is right for you?China Scan And Go suppliers
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