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Our History
Our company Elite Tattoo Supply Limited is one of the largest tattoo equipment manufacturing companies in China.
We specialize to manufacture & distribute fully high quality tattoo supplies to worldwide wholesalers / retailers. The range of products contain tattoo needles, disposable / stainless steel tips / tubes / grips, tattoo machines, power supplies, permanent makeup tattoo machine,permanent makeup cartridge needles, permanent makeup accessory, permanant makeup inks, medical supplies and other tattoo accessories.

We are selling the above items to North America, South America, Europe, Austrilia, Japan, Korea, Southeast Asia, South Asia, Middle East, South Africa, etc. All clients are satisfied with our products, and express highest admiration to our quality products, faster delivery & spotless service.  We apply ourselves to open out new items to keep the older clients & develop new clients at any time!  Our good sales are based on the superior quality products, perfect service and great responsibility.
Our mission is to satisfy customers鈥?needs with superior products and services. We value our ability to serve everyone who benefit from the appropriate use of our products and services, thereby proving lasting consumer satisfaction.  
Looking forward to establishing a long-term business relationship with you and welcoming any of your ideas and designs.
Our Factory
Established in 2009, our factory is a professional manufacturer that is concerned with the design, development and production of tattoo products, we are located in Yiwu, Zhejiang province, with convenient transpotation access. All of our products comply with international quality standards and are greatly appreciated in a variety of different markets throughout the world.
Focusing on brand manufacture銆丱EM銆丱DM finished products output specialized to offer the tattoo training school one-stop service OEM, quality assurance; pigment source factory銆乄elcome to visit our booth. 10 years of focus 鈥擶e鈥檝e been trying!
We expect to establish long -term business relations with you.
Best Regards!
Product Application
Beauty and health-tattoo and body art.
Production Equipment
Packing equipment, Power assembly equipment, motor assembly equipment,disinfection equipment. etc.
Production Market
Our market mainly are North America, South America, Europe, Austrilia, Japan, Korea, Southeast Asia, South Asia, Middle East, South Africa, etc.
Our Service
鈼?nbsp;Provide technical consultation services to users free of charge銆?br/>
鈼?nbsp; Free samples can be sent you if needed
鈼?nbsp;We provide OEM service, you can make your own logo and styles.
鈼?nbsp;Provide our customers with company profiles, credit certificates, etc.
鈼?nbsp;During the product manufacturing process, welcome you to visit our company to inspect the various processes in the manufacturing process, and provide the product's inspection standards and inspection results for relevant technical personnel.
鈼?nbsp;Our company is equipped with a high-quality after-sales service team with technicians as the mainstay. In response to the user's service information or feedback, the user will be satisfied with the response and processing within the shortest time.
鈼?nbsp;Warranty period is one years. (ONLY FOR MACHINE)
Our company's products implement the "three guarantees" service (it is indeed due to the quality problems of our company, including replacement, replacement, repair).Tattoo Furniture Free Sample
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