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About us
Qingdao Sundom Industrial Limited focus on create maximum value to customers, do what the way you like. No matter from tire field to air spring or related tyre products, Sundom do the professional advice to each partner.
We believe that do business is do people. If you choose me, I will provide the most sincere service and highest value, help you save time, money and all kinds of cost.
Since 2009,we have seved over 600 companies ,covered North America ,South America, Africa, Middle East, Asia, Australia and Europe. The brands SunsolMax and Sundom been the famous brand is some markets, built the exclusive and brand agency in 9 countries.
For TBR tire and PCR tire, we supply aeolus, triangle, nexen, haida, double coin brands, OTR, AGR. Tire are LINGLONG, CHENGSHAN, ADVANCE, WESTLAKE, TRIANGLE, TAISHAN, AMOUR brands.
Small tire and other products, have more then 70 factories support. We do the fast delivery and very beautiful packing, and kinds promotion gifts to help customer open market and selling.
We are not factory, but better then factory. Manufacturer isn't the eventually pursue, more value is our common pursuit.
Focus and create is Sundom constant Wheel Hub Bolts
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