Molded Fiber Cup Tray manufacturers

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Our History
Founded in 2006, covered 10,000square meters, Suyi is not only manufacturer of vacuum forming (thin gauge roll-fed & heavy gauge thermoforming) and rotational forming, but also industry's leading engineering/ R&D, we could support a series design and a complete plan.
Because of extensive experience, Suyi made plastic parts had been shipped global focused on medical, industrial applications, heavy industry and transportation field.
Material include ABS,ABS/PMMA,ABS/PC, PC,PE,PET,PS,PVC,PP,PMMA etc, thickness is from 0.2-8mm.
We design and make tooling by ourselves, because we have various CNC machine. Our thermoforming max size could reach 3000*2200*850mm.
And we have our own spray room, the painting material also meet government, RoHS ,Reach requirement.
Our clean room could guarantee the products could be widely used in medical, electron industry.
Our Factory
Our factory is located in the Chinese international metro city-Wuxi
鈥淲XPLASTIC鈥澛?銆乼he Self-owned brand of spill pallet registered in 2015锛宎nd obtained the safety certification .
We have first-class team, advanced equipment, and products support that are second to none.
Our Product
We specialize in producing different kinds of vacuum forming and rotational forming products, including medical covers, general machinery covers, transportation trays, air ducts, water storage tanks, pet travel cages, spill pallets/platforms, safety cabinets, etc.
Product Application
Medical, transportation, agriculture, electronic, general equipment
Our Certificate
Certification of ISO9001銆両SO14001 environmental management system
Production Equipment
Our company mainly produces thick plate plastic products, thin sheet plastic products, rolling plastic products锛宎nd offer some of the most advanced manufacturing capabilities available, including custom molding and machining.
1. Plastic Vacuum Forming Machinery with pressure function锛?3 units
2. Plastic Vacuum Forming Machinery 锛?units
3. Rotational molding machine 锛?units
4. Machining Center 锛?units
5. 5-axis Cutting Robot 锛?units
6. Punching Press 锛?units
7. 3D Scanner Gauge 锛?units
8. Purification Spray booth 锛?units
9. Laser Cutting Machine 锛?units
We have 2 manufacturing plants in Wuxi.
The products have been spread over twenty countries, such as US, UK, Australia, Germany, India etc.
The sales areas and share of our products are as follows锛?/p>
Medical Equipment Cover锛?30%
General Machinery Housing锛?30%
Plastic Plates锛?0%
Other Products锛歵ake 20%
Our Service
Besides our existing molded products, Wuxi Suyi can produce all kinds of plastic molding products according to the drawings or samples from our customers. We control the product quality critically for every step during the manufacturing from the research and development of new moulds to the production and delivery of mass products.Molded Fiber Cup Tray manufacturers
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