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Mag meter also named electromagnetic flow meter. The wafer electromagnetic flow meter is a high-performance, high-reliability electromagnetic flow meter. The clamping electromagnetic flow meter adopts a new generation of special high-quality lining technology, and uses a special mirror polished PFA lining, especially suitable for viscous pulp And the measurement of gypsum slurry, its detachable electrode makes maintenance more convenient. The accuracy is 卤0.5% of the indicated value or 卤0.3% or 卤0.2% of the optional indicated value.

Working principle
Faraday鈥檚 Laws of Induction form the basis for the electromagnetic flow meter which states that a voltage is generated in a conductor as it moves through a magnetic field.
This principle is suitable for kinds of conductive liquids which will pass through the flow meter tube perpendicular to the direction of the magnetic field such as water, milk, beer, acid, etc.
The voltage induced in the fluid is measured at two opposite electrodes along the diameter direction.
The signal voltage is proportional to magnetic induction B, electrode spacing D and average fluid velocity
Since the magnetic induction B and the electrode spacing D are constant values, the signal voltage is proportional to the average flow velocity v. The equation for calculating the volume flow rate shows that the signal voltage is linear and proportional to the volume flow rate.
The scaled, analog and digital output signals in the converter is come from the induced signal voltage.Buy Electromagnetic Flow Meter
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